Purchasing Promotional Items

Promotional items are products used to promote the name and offerings of Kennesaw State University (KSU). These items are not for resale, but are typically distributed to students, parents, alumni, staff, or others at various University-related events. Most common examples include pens, pad-folios, calendars, caps, T-shirts, table cloths, cups, trophies, plaques, key-chains, and brochures imprinted with KSU logos or service marks.

The suppliers listed below are the preferred source(s) for promotional products, as they are contracted with KSU (Agency Contract #ES-RFQ-54300-861) to provide such product(s).  In compliance with KSU's Visual Identity Program, these suppliers are licensed through Learfield Licensing Partners, previously known as Strategic Marketing Affiliates (SMA).

For questions and concerns about whether or not a specific promotional item is an allowable purchase and/or which State or Agency contract is most appropriate, departments should reach out to their Office of Procurement and Contracting (OPC) Buyer Partner for assistance and review related OPC procedures and policies.

Last updated 04/19/2016

  • The KSU Office of Strategic Communications and Marketing has developed guidelines for various KSU designs, logos and typefaces on the KSU Visual Identity Program website.

    Merchandise or printed materials that incorporate University logos, service marks, or other University-related design elements must have the design/artwork pre-approved through the Office of Strategic Communications and Marketing.  You should also request a review from the Office of Strategic Communications and Marketing to alter existing approved brands or styles.

    To obtain this approval, email your design ideas, concept and/or artwork to designapproval@kennesaw.edu prior to placing an order and/or making a purchase. After review, the Office of Strategic Communications and Marketing will reply to the requesting department, indicating that:

    • The design is approved for use;
    • The design is approved with modifications; or
    • The design is not approved.
    • Approval email from KSU Design Approval
    • Prizes and other “giveaways” to students must not exceed $100.
    • Contact purchasing@kennesaw.edu with questions.
    • P-Card
    • ePro "Special Request" Requisition
    • If you have additional questions, contact your department's OPC Buyer Partner
  • Production of promotional items often requires a minimum quantity for the order. If you require fewer than the required minimum quantity of a promotional item, you can check with the KSU Bookstore to determine if the item(s) are available there.

  • Shirts and Apparel/Screen Printing/Embroidery

    Halo Branded Solutions, Inc.
    Promo Entertainment Group LLC
    Smile Cross, Inc. dba Smile Promotions
    The Target Group, Inc.

    Promotional Products

    Halo Branded Solutions, Inc.
    Positive Impact Advertising, Inc.
    Promo Entertainment Group LLC
    Smile Cross Inc. dba Smile Promotions
    The Target Group, Inc.


    Awards Atlanta, Inc.
    Midwest Trophy
    Promo Entertainment Group LLC
    The Target Group, Inc.

    Supplier Contact Information

    Awards Atlanta, Inc.
    Contact:  Chuck Lisowski
    T: 404.634.5009 ext. 226
    F: 404.634.5003
    E: chuck@awardsatlanta.com

    Halo Branded Solutions, Inc.
    Contact:  Dianne Helliwell Peters
    T: 770.321.4747
    E: Dianne.helliwell@halo.com

    Midwest Trophy
    Dba MTM Recognition Corp.
    Contact: Jeff Thompson
    T: 405.609.6844

    Positive Impact Advertising, Inc.
    Promotional Products | Tradeshow Items | Corporate Gifts | Branded Apparel
    Contact: Meghan McCreary
    T: 847.625.8629
    F: 847.625.8631
    E: mmccreary@positiveimpactadv.com

    Promo Entertainment Group, LLC.
    Contact:  Melanie McGovern
    T: 404.367.0350
    F: 404.367.0420
    E: melanie@promoentertainmentgroup.com

    Smile Cross dba Smile Promotions
    Contact:  Rula Hanania
    T: 812.219.9749
    F: 800.353.2608
    E: rhanania@smilepromotions.com

    The Target Group, Inc.
    Contact:  Susan Broccolo
    T: 678.835.5819
    F: 678.835.5801
    E: susan@targetawards.com