Purchasing Office Supplies

Effective Monday July 7,  2014, the Georgia Department of Administrative Services will offer discounted prices on office supplies, paper and toner through a new statewide contract with Staples Advantage. This is a “Convenience Contract," and it will be set up in the GeorgiaFirst Marketplace punch-out environment via eProcurement. This contract provides firm, fixed pricing on over 900 items that are identified in the punch-out by a “core” label.  Additionally, the state has established discounted pricing on approximately 50,000 catalog items from Staples and its wholesalers These items include:

  • Paper
  • Toner
  • General Supplies

Note: Purchases of furniture and computer equipment must NOT be made from this source (other statewide contracts exist for these items).

Ordering Instructions

  • Orders may be placed via Staplesadvantage.com, via GeorgiaFirst Marketplace, and via Fax or Phone.
  • First-time Users: Please complete your registration information through the Staples Advantage Website. You will receive an email in 24-48 hours with instructions for completing your registration.

Note: You do not need to obtain a new customer ID, user ID and password if you currently have one under the old statewide contract.

  • Returning Users: If you already have a user ID and password and are ready to order, you may proceed to the Staples Advantage customer login page.
  • Telephone Orders: Phone orders may be placed by calling Staples Customer Service,
  • eProcurement: To requisition office supplies, see instructions at eProcurement.
    Staples Contact Information

Staples Contact Information

For questions concerning purchases, please contact:
Staples Customer Service, 888.593.0146 or
Account Manager: Chuck Perry, 770.639.5628, chuck.perry@staples.com

Have more questions? Reach out to your buyer partners that support your department and/or division (http://www.kennesaw.edu/procurement/files/opcpartners.pdf) for assistance or call us at 770.420.4355 or email purchasing@kennesaw.edu.