Purchasing Copy and Print Services

  • The UPS Store at the KSU Copy-Print Services is a full-service copying and printing store. It is located on the second level of the Carmichael Student Center, directly across from the Bursar’s Office.  It offers specialty services such as:

    • Poster, sign, and banner printing
    • Black and White or Color printing
    • Spot color
    • Document finishing services

    Visit the KSU Copy-Print Services and The UPS Store websites for detailed and comprehensive descriptions of services and solutions that are available to KSU’s student body, faculty, and staff.

    KSU Copy-Print Service

    The UPS Store

    How to Pay for Copies and Printing at The UPS Store on Campus
    Departments, faculty, and staff can make purchases at the UPS Store utilizing various options that have been approved by KSU’s Office of Procurement and Contracting and the Office of Finance and Accounting.  Purchases must comply with KSU’s Procure-to-Pay procedures and the Procure-to-Pay Decision Matrix.

  • There is a Statewide “Convenience” Contract for “Offset Printing and Related Services” (SWC 99999-SPD-SPD0000096-0001) with RR Donnelley. Print services supported under this contract include, but are not limited to:

    • Pre-Press
    • Flat Printing
    • NCR Forms
    • Commercial Print
    • Report-Booklet
    • Snap-out Forms
    • Continuous Forms

    NOTE: “Printing and Related Services” is NO LONGER AN EXEMPT COMMODITY.
    If the total anticipated value of a purchase is equal to or greater than $10,000, then KSU’s Competitive Solicitation Policy applies (https://policy.kennesaw.edu/content/competitive-solicitation-policy).

    RR Donnelley Sales Rep Information
    Omar Kinnebrew, Assistant Regional Sales Manager, RR Donnelley
    1117 Perimeter Center West, Ste. N201, Atlanta, GA 30338
    T: 770.352.8472
    C: 404.822.3188
    F: 440.352.8404
    E: omar.s.kinnebrew@rrd.com

  • KSU departments may also continue to use the UGA Print Shop to provide expanded printing/copying services.  The UGA Print Shop also handles bulk-mailing. UGA’s Print Shop is also a resource for banners and some signs. 

    UGA Print Shop cannot accept KSU P-Cards for payment, therefore, an ePro requisition must be created, or another acceptable method may be used.

    Purchases from the UGA print shop are exempt from the State Purchasing Act due to the exemption for goods or services provided through Intergovernmental or Inter-Agency agreements. (Note that P-Cards may not be used for Intergovernmental or Inter-Agency agreement purchases.)

    Departments may contact the UGA Print Shop directly to discuss needs and obtain a quote. Contact information for UGA’s University Printing is located at http://www.printing.uga.edu/contactus.html.

    General Information, Quotes and Questions please contact Laura Cropp, Printing Estimator, at:
    T: 706.542.3861
    F: 706.542.7200
    E: printing@uga.edu

    More complex questions and/or guidance may require contacting:
    Jeff Allen, UGA Print Shop Assistant Manager
    T: 706.542-7195
    E: hjallen@uga.edu

    For quotes and additional support in utilizing the UGA Print Shop you may contact:
    Debi Huckaby, Sales and Marketing Representative
    T: 706.542.3198
    E: debihuck@uga.edu

  • For permanent, outdoor signage, Georgia Correctional Industries is a viable source, according to DOAS. Also, a competitive solicitation is not required when purchasing from this state entity.

  • Merchandise or printed materials that incorporate University logos, service marks, or other University-related design elements must have the design/artwork pre-approved through the Office of Strategic Communications and Marketing (http://www.kennesaw.edu/styleguide/uselogo.shtml). To obtain this approval, email your ideas, base design/artwork, or completed design/artwork to designapproval@kennesaw.edu. After review, the Office of Strategic Communications and Marketing will reply to the requesting department, indicating that:

    • The design is approved for use;
    • The design is approved with modifications; or
    • The design is not approved.
  • Please reach out to your buyer partners that support your department and/or division for assistance (OPC Partners), or call us at 770.420-4355, or email purchasing@kennesaw.edu.